Victory Dance

Published in Filmmaking, Media Art, Digital by George Levitikos

Even those of us with two left feet could participate in the “Toe Tappy”, the end result of Coke Zero’s Make it Possible campaign. Coke Zero collaborated with filmmaker Jon Chu, Oglivy Paris and StinkDigital to create a campaign which involved the average consumer. The campaign began with a search for a new global dance move, gathering submissions from anyone interested. The winner, Joey “Knucklehead” Turman, created a simple but infectious dance, the “Toe Tappy”, which he describes as a “victory dance”. Turman’s story and dance inspired a documentary, a song, a worldwide tour, and even street art. The “Toe Tappy” has become a global phenomenon, just as Coke Zero had hoped and is catchy enough to get anyone on the dance floor.

Source © StinkDigital

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