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Although the headdresses may look unusual, “Reactions in Time and Space” is a piece about beauty. The experimental film, directed by David Hill and Josh Goodrich, explores the effect of a storm on three negative emotions, represented by intricate headdresses. As the storm sweeps through the space, the three figures react, attempting to hide from the chaos or thriving in it. The creators wished to find the “beauty in the changing state of things”, and indeed, the figures’ movements become almost a dance, and the confusion of the storm has been slowed to the point where it, too, is beautiful.  The music, provided by Now, Now, matches the hypnotic pace of the film perfectly.

Source © Santa Maria


Directed by David Hill and Josh Goodrich
Music by Now, Now – The Pull

Actors – Emily Rayner, Melissa Cole, and Andy Miyamotto
Director of Photography – Jonathan Yi
Camera Technician – Chris Sullivan
Gaffer – Ray Richards
Production Assistant – Edgardo Leon “Geo”
Script Supervisor – Brittany Summitt

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