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Five new ways to greet people ( in times of covid-19 )

Human beings are going through a very difficult time, our lives and our habits have been disrupted and we are now behaving in new ways, and taking new measures as we learn, day by day. This project was born only a few weeks back when Coronavirus started to hit harder in Europe - and especially in ...

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Film Crew in Quarantine

The curious routines of film set people killing time in quarantine Animation in quarantine: Robertas Nevecka Music + sound in quarantine: Simonas Jončys Based on daily film set illustrations - Voice fragment is from a public safety video Sniffles and Sneezes, Public Domain, 1955 Vilnius, Lithuania © 2020 AKIS BADO

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Skateboarding In A Global Pandemic | COVID-19 Los Angeles

With quarantines and "shelter-in-place" becoming the new normal, leave it to skateboarders to find the silver lining in this situation. Russell Houghten's winning film entry for our 2014 REDirect project imagined a bizarro Los Angeles where traffic and pedestrians were non-existent; his eerily prescient 'Urban Isolation' is a must-watch while you are cooped up this ...

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Before You Catch the Virus

If you're in Quarantine right now, this message is for you. Created by Prince Ea Directed/Edited by @spencersharp7 Graphics by Will Engle Filmed by Brandon Sloan Music by Hannah Parrot

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The art film SET I in an abstract way illustrates the situation that is happening right now with COVID -19. SET represents a series of short art dance films taking interest in human intimate and social essence, thematize archetypal issues. Series are set on different locations and will be uploaded on our channel. Here is the ...

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Brooklyn Made

This short film explores Brooklyn as a brand, delving into the community’s culture, appeal, artistry, diversity and charm--attributes which have assorted folks co-opting the Brooklyn moniker for their businesses. Titled Brooklyn Made, this 10-minute film taps into Brooklyn’s “brand managers”--leaders, entrepreneurs, and makers who are invested in the brand, leveraging the brand in their business or ...

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