About BeInspired

BeInspired wants to become your trustworthy encyclopedia of selected communication gems, that set, follow, or simply observe avant-garde tendencies, express the opinions of filmmaking newcomers and discover content that deserve to be acknowledged, reclaimed, disputed, worshipped or sometimes hated.

“Who is behind BeInspired”

1 George Levitikos he has been in advertising for the last 19 years, producing TV spots at TBWA\Athens which played a vital role in helping him form a whole new approach to communicating content. Subsequently, George swiftly acquired near a fatal fascination with media arts and non-traditional media.

Today, he is a hopeless addict and aspiring curator of the genre. He experiments constantly on idea generation, development and production of non-traditional creative ideas. He is currently working with MullenLowe in Athens, Greece as a Deputy General Manager specialized in Digital Communication- which means his day job is also his night job.