Impacts by Dmitry Zakharov

Impacts by Dmitry Zakharov

The work "impact" shows what kind of effects different living conditions can have to humans. In an ...


‘Sync’ This is a re-score for the installation piece 'Sync' (2011) by visual artist Max Hattler. Created by Benedict ...

Hartmut Esslinger

Hartmut Esslinger Hartmut Esslinger is a German-American industrial designer, inventor and owner of Frogdesign.  

Sagmeister & Walsh

Sagmeister & Walsh Meet Sagmeister & Walsh Directed by Mario De Armas

The 1:Face Story

The 1:Face Story This project began its life at Mirza Minds, a product and branding firm in Chicago. The watch ...

Dimensional Shift

Dimensional Shift

Published in Art, Design, Filmmaking by George Levitikos “Shift” is a truly unique piece of stop-motion animation created ...