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“FORTY” is a film and art project commemorating TBWA’s 40 years of creative accomplishments. TBWA team up with famous street artist “WK” to celebrate some of TBWA’s defining campaigns including: Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad, Nelson Mandela’s first ANC election campaign, the ABSOLUT campaign, the SHIFT_ campaign relaunching Nissan and many more pieces of work. “WK” got to work with two of his assitants on an 8ft x 36 ft canvas in an empty warehouse. The end result was a short film and an art piece that is now residing in TBWA’s New York office. In the words of Lee Clow, “Make it smart. Make it beautiful. Have fun.”

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TBWA was the first advertising network I was exposed to and my first taste in the field of advertising. I believe it is one of the most creative networks in the world and certainly one of my most beloved ones. Looking at pieces of well known campaigns I remembered the countless hours I spent on “mytbwa” (internal network of TBWA) keeping track of projects and their development.I wish nothing but the best for everyone on that network, and perhaps one day I may be lucky enough to work within that network again, with some of the people I have admired all this time.

All the best

Check the project here.

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