A Facebook Play

Published in Digital, Media Arts by George Levitikos

This is a teaser video about the first ever play to be performed on Facebook! To promote a production of Theodor Fontane’s “Effie Briest” at a Berlin theater, they decided to first perform the play on a “social media stage”.

All the characters were given a Facebook page and performed their lines via comments and wall posts on other characters walls. As the story progresses, Facebook events are created, online proposals sent and relationship statuses are changed.

Of course, given that this was a performance via social media, online users were allowed to participate as well, such as by the right wedding dress for one of the main characters.

The online play featured 1500 user interactions and was supported by 1400 online users. As far as promotions went it was a smashing success, drawing rave reviews from critics all over the world and helping sell every tick for the performances at the theater.

Source © Art Directors club of Europe

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