The MMORPG of Life

Published in Digital by George Levitikos

In the futuristic year of 2052 you have just died, sorry. Don’t fret though! Your consciousness has been successfully uploaded to the “life network”.  After accepting the terms and conditions (you don’t read them, but who ever does) you must choose a “life plan”, the most expensive option allowing you to modify your body in any way you please. An advertising supported plan replaces some parts of the sky with ads.  Later you are confronted with the reality that to continue remembering any songs or movies you must pay a copyright fee. It’s scary how plausible it all is. Tom Scott creator of this funny and original video about a futuristic afterlife is a British tech humorist (who recently launched an online tool called His inspirations for this video were the novels: Jim Munroe’s “Everyone in Silico” and Rudy Rucker’s “Postsingular”.


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