The Greek Monsters

We proudly salute the Beetroot Design group on the occasion of the Benaki Museum’s exhibit, “Greek Monsters”, and in light of Beetroot’s recognition beyond the borders of Greece (including their recent Red Dot award for 2011). I have been greatly impressed by the Beetroot team’s incredible conceptual aesthetic sense, (Beetroot founders are V. Liakos, A. NIkou & Y. Charalambopoulos). I have been a true fan of Beetroot ever since I had the chance to collaborate with Vagelis Liakos and his team a few years ago. Beetroot, like all Greeks who manage to distinguish themselves beyond our borders, truly love what they do. It shows.

Below you will find a sneak preview with images, texts …thoughts…animations…directly from the artists…one week before the official opening of the exhibition.
Hope u like it as much as we did…

The “Greek Monsters” exhibition is consisted of installations, sculptures, idols, stencil graffiti (resembling a contemporary frieze) and also “invisible” monsters that can be perceived only with the use of audio –visual technology. All exhibits are inspired by the vivid ancient Greek mythology and are designed in a neo-black-figure style specially developed by Beetroot.





Each exhibit is also accompanied by an exhibition tag that instead of facts and information on its make and history, presents an original poem on the philosophy or practice it stands for. With the Greek Monsters, Beetroot aims to respond –not without a sense of humor– to the current ill socio-economical image of modern Greece as this is largely presented in the media around the globe, while presenting key philosophical stands and practices in design.

The Greek Monsters are used with their dual meaning both as perpetrators and victims, and ultimately as contemporary symbols against racism, generalization and exclusion. In a time where Greece is arguably Europe’s new “Monster”, Beetroot accepts this “label” but only to reverse (or even add to) its meaning: Beetroot’s Greek Monsters aim at re-inventing and re-introducing a Greek creative identity that is both timeless and global. Be(a)ware of “The Greek Monsters”!

Benaki Museum will be hosting the “Monsters” at the Pireos St. Annexe from the 26th of April to June 2012.

Want more Beetroot ? check their official website

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