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The Game Parade

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxczckEvCz0 Graphic artist Honet takes us on a psychedelic journey with this second part of our focus on Louis Vuitton and games.

The Bay Lights

https://vimeo.com/41574472 The Bay Lights is an iconic light sculpture designed by internationally renowned artist Leo Villareal. The sculpture will be installed and illuminated over the course of the Bay Bridge's 75th Anniversary, which extends from late 2011 to 2012. Created by Jeremy Vickery and Simon Christen in collaboration with Leo Villareal. Music by Loscil. Track: Else. Label: Air ...


https://vimeo.com/62176521 This is a re-score for the installation piece 'Sync' (2011) by visual artist Max Hattler. Created by Benedict Gordon.

Iris by HYBE

https://vimeo.com/50200308 Expandable Matrix of Transmissive Monochrome LCD (90x90mm), Custom designed Arduino compatible controller board, DMX512, SPI, Kinect / IRIS is a unique media canvas with matrix of conventional information display technology - a monochrome LCD. Through the phased opening and closing of circular-segmented black Liquid Crystal, IRIS can create various patterns and control the amount (size) of ...

Adida Fallen Angel

https://vimeo.com/59500946 Meet Adida Fallen Angel. A Photographer, Visual artist/Street Artist, Graphic Designer, Musician. " Life is nothing but a collection of memories, fading away... If you want to hold on to something you had better learn to let go. 'My Faded Memoirs & The Power of One' is my personal expression of the lost and found parts of my ...

Submergence Lights Installation

https://vimeo.com/57412634# Submergence explores immersion and interaction within volumetric light based visuals created through 8,064 individual points of light. A Squidsoup project by Anthony Rowe, Gaz Bushell, Chris Bennewith, Liam Birtles and Ollie Bown. Submergence was built with the support of Norsk Kulturr├ąd (Norwegian Arts Council), Oslo School of Architecture and Design and Galleri ROM.



https://vimeo.com/58022280 "Katachi" means "shape". For this 2000 silhouettes extracted from PVC plates using computer-controlled cutter. Director, Concept, Animation - Kijek/Adamski Source: Bowhouse.gr  


http://vimeo.com/54354951 Cork-boards, Glue, Painters Tape, Acrylic Paints and some Nails = An abstract painting done solely with Triangles. Created by Salman Sajun.  

The 1:Face Story

http://vimeo.com/50539184 This project began its life at Mirza Minds, a product and branding firm in Chicago. The watch brand was originally the vision of Creative Director Fam Mirza. Having experienced both the hardships of the 3rd world and the comfort of the 1st, Fam desired to create something that could bridge that gap and ultimately make ...