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Published in Art, Digital, Media Arts by George Levitikos

The cube-shaped installation displayed at the Tate Modern changes color and pattern seemingly without rhyme or reason. However, strangely enough, the cube is being controlled by people all over the world.

The Hello Cube, designed as a part of Infinite Kusama, an art event created by TateCollective, and the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project, is an installation which draws upon the ever-expanding power of social media to create art.

The cube responds to twitter commands sent to @thehellocube by any twitter user. Users can tweet what they would like to see on the cube, such as “purple” and the cube will change accordingly.

Hello Cube’s creators, design duo Hellicar & Lewis, express the desire that viewers can “engage with the work” and be truly “enthralled”. This unique interaction between social media and art allows viewers to participate in the artistic process.

Source © Nexus Productions

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