Pinpoints of Light

Published in Filmmaking, Music, Motion Graphics by George Levitikos

Watching the music video “Secrets, Accusations and Charges” is somewhat akin to watching the stars on a clear night mix and meld into shapes and figures. The song, originally by Michael Nyman (a famous soundtrack composer) and David McAlmont, was remixed by Max Cooper, who created an abstract version of the song. The music video was directed by Nick Cobby and melds perfectly with the modern feel of the track. Cobby wanted to include a “human element” in the video, as the vocals are so central to the remix, yet wanted to animate the figures, to “bring them into Max’s world”. The video features fans of Max Cooper filmed using Kinect camera technology, creating a 3D point figure of each person. The end result shows an entirely black background, with the generated figures looking like pinpoints of light. The figures easily flow in and out of focus, recombine to create new figures, and occasionally deconstruct into lines of light, criss-crossing over the screen.

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