Hidden Superheroes

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Eva Mitala combines architecture, fashion, manga and superheroes in her new work, “Coexisting with Risk”.

At first glance, the piece consists of a series of stacked cubes, forming high-rise buildings. However, hidden inside the severe architecture is the story of a girl told through manga.

She soon discovers her superpowers, seeing herself dressed in a super-hero costume. This part of the project will be brought to life with a performance, with costumes contributed by Nefelia. Nefelia, a Greek architect and fashion designer, created super-hero costumes featuring geometric shapes in bold colors, embellished with studs and chains, creating a look that is anything but demure. Her costumes provide the perfect accent to the story, symbolizing the strength the girl found within herself, despite her structured, stifling surroundings. “Coexisting with Risk” will be shown in Tokyo at the Geisai exhibition on September 2nd, 2012.



Eva Mitala




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