Concrete Wasteland

The new fashion film by Hermione Flynn explores the idea of the “homogenized human” by painting a landscape in which distinctions have become faint. Two models are presented in a vast industrial setting, and they have begun merge with the background. They are positioned in identical or mirroring poses, and as they stand blankly, their grey and black clothing blending into the concrete world around them. The camera unabashedly approaches the models, and even as it zooms in too close, they do not flinch. The figures are portrayed as merging both into each other and into the landscape, becoming inanimate beings to be observed freely. The music complements the film perfectly, pressing on at an unrelenting pace.  It begins to act as a metronome, moving the film onwards even as the models and background remain impassive.

Directed by Ryan Fielding, and performed by trained dancers, Liv MacPhedran and Emma Coppersmith.

Curator George Levitikos, Content Editor Sophia Nass

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