Bright Light

Published in Digital by George Levitikos, edited by Steve Nass.

Ray Ban knows the biggest threat to their sales is shade. This is especially problematic in big cities, filled with those troublesome buildings always getting in the way of the suns glare. Thankfully, Ray Ban doesn’t opt to do anything rash (or destructive) to mitigate this problem, developing an innovative little app instead.

“Bright Light” is an app by Ray Ban that helps you find sunny locations in your city, using building heights and the sun’s trajectory to calculate where the sun is shining. You can also use the app to forecast where the sun will be throughout the day, use it to plot a sunny walk to your destination and even “check in” to new, undiscovered sunny locations.

It sounds like a great way to raise brand awareness and is an app I can actually imagine people using.

Now we just need an app for people like me, who always leave their glasses at home on sunny days.

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