Published in Art, Design, Media Arts by Panagiotis Tzempelikos

Street art moves indoors as Au Vieux Panier Hotel asks graffiti artist Tilt to design a hotel room. Tilt’s design is chaotic, but only half as chaotic as it could be, as he chose to leave one end of the room a pristine white. The other side of the room is a pandemonium of color, as designs and tags overlap, crowding into each other. The room is sharply divided in half, and the remainder of the room is white, with only a few framed graffiti-pieces as accents. Tilt explains his creative decision as one intended to emphasize the graffiti through the juxtaposition of the blank side with the colorful one.


Director: Benjamin Roudet / Big Addict
Year: 2012
Music: Peter Bjorn and Jhon – Up Against The Wall (Writer’s Block album)
Label: Wichita Recording / V2 RECORDS