Published in Art, Design, Filmmaking by George Levitikos

Rosie Isbell (a visual designer at “frog” and creator of the video’s concept and the accompanying article) was inspired by the creative energy in Munich (a city known for its artists and art lovers) and decided to speak with some of the producers of this energy.
She films, and interviews:
Dr. Claudia (artistic director of the Bavarian State Opera), Klaus Lohmeyer (Jewelry Designer & Silversmith) Hans Haas (Two-star Michelin Chef), Matthias Bergmann (Violin maker & restorer) and Marion Peduto (a shoe maker, featured in the video but not the article). Some speak in English, others opt for subtitles but all share some insight into their creative process and philosophy.
We learn many of them discovered their future creative pursuit at a young age (Dr Claudia loved opera since she was 4, Hans Haas became passionate about food at age 11 and Bergmann had many jobs involving working with wood before finally beginning to make violins.) Many of them seem to be always pushing themselves no matter how successful they become.
As Dr. Claudia states in the article “It’s never perfect enough for us, and that’s the best part,” a sentiment echoed by many of the other interviewees.
The video ends with the instructions to “love what you make”, suggesting what all successful creative minds share is not only ability, but a passion and love for what they do.

For a full list of all parties involved, the full video and article click here.