Published in Art, Design by George Levitikos

Greece in 2012 is no stranger to crisis and controversy, suffering from political and economic crises that have caught the attention of the world. The political corruption and social issues that have been exposed or exacerbated during these trying times have inspired some artists to create and constructively reflect.

“Greece, Governance, 2022” is an exhibition by the design group Sereal Designers that discusses Greece’s current sociopolitical realities by asking what Greece will be like 10 years in the future.

The exhibit asks questions such as: Which are the relations between authority and the people? How can these relations be seen through an allegorical prism? And, finally, what does “Governance” really mean?

Of the many pieces featured one prominent one is the: “Big hand of the System” That discusses the large “hand” “behind every transaction between the so-called system and the citizens.”

Another piece encourages the audience to “look inside u”. Since “if you want to change the world, first you have to change yourself.

Source © Sereal Designers


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